Staff & Administration

Our staff provide youth ages 6-18 in Ogden, Roy and Clearfield with a safe place providing guidance, a sense of belonging, and programs that develop the skills they need to succeed every day.

Kate Bideaux

Executive Director / CEO

Cash Knight

Operations Director

Heather Miley

Site Coordinator,
Hillcrest Elementary

Brenda Mitton

Event Coordinator

Melanie Clifford

Curriculum Specialist

Karlee Stoker

Youth Program Director

Allie Johnson

Teen Program Director

Madison Hansen

Site Coordinator, Roy Teen Club

Erin Housley

Resource Development Manager

Rob Steedley

Site Coordinator,
Ogden Teen Club

Rohan Vajupeyayajula

Site Coordinator,
Odyssey Elementary

Linda Anderson

AmeriCorps Specialist

Linda Shepherd

Finance Manager

Kyrstin Flood

Site Coordinator,
Quest Academy

Lana Pettit

Site Coordinator, Roy Youth

Craig Wright

Site Coordinator, New Bridge Elementary

Gerardo Gil

Site Coordinator,
Odyssey Elementary