Ogden Teen Club

is located off Washington Blvd and Goddard Street. Aside from being the home of the Explorers, it is also home to the Ogden Youth Club. Our club allows members to reach new heights by providing evidence-based, high-yield and enriching programs. We target academics through Power Hour, which is a daily hour focused on homework help and tutoring. STEM inspires critical thinking and learning through experiments and integrated learning. Aside from academics, we allow the kids explore their creativity through our long time partnership with Nurture the Creative Mind as well as teaching cultural arts. Our site also focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness. Our partnership with the GOAL foundation provides healthy living resources and activities on a monthly basis. At the Ogden Youth Club, we want our students to grow and reach their fullest potentials in life as future explorers. We plan on improving and developing all the resources needed to ensure this goal.

Marshall White Community Center
222 28th St.
Ogden, UT 84401