“Sidewalk Talk” Service Project at the Roy Youth Club

IMG_5052On Wednesday, March 9th Roy Boys and Girls Club “Opened the Door to Character and Citizenship.” In celebration of National Boys and Girls Club week, youth participated in a week packed full of hands on activities to help instill a recharged appreciation and understanding of the Boys and Girls Club program. The overall favorite amongst youth was, undoubtedly, Wednesdays “Sidewalk Talk” Service Project. 

Complete with an abundance of smiles and colorful hands of chalk, the Service Project enabled youth to explore the significance of having good character and being valuable citizens. Youth were split into their power hour groups and given boxes of chalk and an assigned area in the community. They were given the instruction to write positive and encouraging messages all over the sidewalks, and then they were off!

IMG_5058 The outcome was exceptionally beautiful. With big hearts and little bodies, came little messages with big meanings. An unraveling of kindness was followed by an overwhelming urge to give back and spread positivity. Youth were sharing what they wrote with each other, contemplating who would see their messages and just how much of an impact they could have on another’s day.

Aspen, 9, was asked what she thought of Wednesday’s Service Project. She shared, “I loved being able to write happy things for people and I loved writing with chalk!“ 

The chalk  messages that were spread throughout the community differed immensely but had one thing in common; an obvious backing of love and positivity. The kindergartners spread a collection of hearts and smiley faces, along with the occasional miss spelled sayings to melt your heart; such as “You or the bestest” and “have a gud doy.”

IMG_5055It was quite apparent that the older youth put a lot of thought into their writings and definitely took it seriously, whilst having a blast. From meaningful quotes like “Do what you want to do, don’t let anybody stop you from your big dreams” and “You’re a good person, inside and out” to sweet and simple messages to brighten anyone’s day, like “you’re beautiful” and “Love yourself.”

IMG_5053Overall, the Sidewalk Talk Service Project was a huge success amongst youth and is still being talked about to this day. Unfortunately, the rain has been gradually washing away the immaculate works of art; however, many of the youth still had the opportunity to show off their words of encouragement to their families and friends.

The hope of having positively impacted a stranger’s life fills each youth’s heart and curiosity of how they can give back in their daily lives is blossoming in their minds; which in the end, was the ultimate goal.